Paintballs. Paint. Balls. Rounds. Pink Lemonade. The projectiles that we all fire from our markers.

PWI PAINTBALL is a professional paintball manufacturer and distributor for a complete line of paintballs to accommodate every level of play. No mater for rec balling or tournament, PWI PAINTBALL always guarantee our players of high performance and consistent quality paintballs for a low affordable price. We understand that the players will choose our products only when we can offer them both better quality and better price. Now more and more players know PWI PAINTBALL and stick to our brands both for training and competition.
How to Make a Good Paintball?
A good paintball is one that never breaks in the marker, always breaks on the target, no matter how far away, is perfectly round with a consistent size, and has such a fill as to mark brightly, not soak into material and resist being wiped off. That would be a perfect ball. A bad paintball is the antithesis of a good one. It either explodes in the barrel with every shot because it is fragile, or never breaks on the target even from a very close range. If it isn't round, or does't have a consistent size, it will be inaccurate and won't shoot straight. And a thin, watery fill that soaks in and is easily removed.